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- Deep Purple 30th of June 1998
- Uriah Heep 1998

Saga from Canada, 1993, Ludwigsburg Forum, Germany

Info Length Photo
Jim Gilmour on the keyboards 98 kB
Ian Crichton on guitar 79 kB
Singer Michael Sadler 48 kB

BAP, 1994, Stuttgart Schleyerhalle, Germany

Info Length Photo
Wolfgang Niedecken (vocals) and Klaus "Major" Heuser (guitar) 40 kB
W. Niedecken 47 kB
Klaus "Major" Heuser 42 kB

Emerson, Lake & Palmer, 1st of July 1997, Nürnberg Serenadenhof

Keith Emerson playing strange tunes on his moog synth with the ribbon-control 51 kB
Greg Lake 39 kB
Carl Palmer 37 kB

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